Things to remember

  • Someone, somewhere has bigger problems than what you have. At least be thankful for that.
  • Remember those days when you’re always on this wonderful low-‘esteem-er’ site called Tumblr. Remember how you felt those times? No? Nothing? Exactly. Try your best not to be in that situation ever again. You are being challenged right now because better days are ahead of you. Don’t just sit there and do nothing. Don’t be that old Tumblr girl again. She is one useless motherfucker.
  • TRY. For the love of God, just try.
  • Always ask yourself if you are happy. Because if fucking not, just fucking leave.
  • Stop judging people, Camille. Please. Always try to see the good in people, please.
  • You are loved. Always remember that. Never think that you are not.
  • Love yourself.
  • Smile. Ugh, that chronic bitch face. Stop that.
  • Study hard. You have goals to achive, remember?
  • You are better than that. Don’t give up.
  • Always pray to God.


There’s only 2 weeks left before school ends. Before highschool ends! Oh my fucking g. I am finally graduating high school. For reals. No joke. I’m still quite scared to be honest. College here is not a joke. You need to prepare your mind and your wallet! I swear to God, I hope I can really get a fafsa so i could study college for free. College worth a fortune, if I can’t get to college for free I don’t know what will I do anymore.

Anyways here is my plan for now… Actually, wait…. everytime I plan things they dont seem to go that way. So let’s just say, this is what’s in my mind right now… After graduation, I will enjoy summer. I will be spending time with my friends and watch my precious tv shows that which by the way, I have been missing a lot out lately. I will go to PI during August and I will have fun. I’d buy clothes (i mean hello, i need lots of clothes. We dont get to wear uniforms in college. And clothes here are fucking expensive) and hang out with my friends maybe? Man, they have school already. Id pig the fuck out. I’ll eat jollibee, greenwich, mcspaghetti and all those good filipino shits. I will enjoy my summer okay? Because I am 100% sure that things will get 10x more serious afer that. Actually, I think I will get my road hours during summer. Yeah? Yeah. So after that, I will go to college. I will be taking up business management. I will go to college and I will be an independent motherfucker. I really hope I get the fafsa thing. Huhu :( So yeah, I will go there as a normal student. I will take it seriously I swear :( I wanna do great please Lord. Don’t let procrastination take over me. Around October, I will get my license (well duh, i hope i pass, i think i will pass? Haha Ive been driving illegally that’s why. Shh) when i get my own car, I will apply for part time job. Just to support myself in buying little things and my personal needs/wants. I dont want to be a burden to my parents. I want to be independent. After that…. I dunno.

So yeah, that’s my plan or rather ‘the things in my mind’ right now. I posted this because I want to constantly remind myself that I need to do this. I need to get my shit together. I am going to make it. I have been a pessimist ALL my life, I think it is now the right time to be positive. That quote is right “you cant live a positive life with a negative mind”. I am so tired of not believing in myself. I am thankful that there are at least a couple of people who are constantly reminding me that I am smart and talented. It means a lot to when thy say things like that. I feel appreciated and it lifts up my spirit, to be honest. I don’t need a handful.of people saying that I can do it, even a single person is enough.

I will do my best to have a better life. If I want a good life, it is in my hands. I need to work hard right now in order to reach my dreams. When I was in PI, I didnt pay much attention in how life goes. I didnt care about college. I used to think that… ‘okay, ill take this course go to school do shit’. But now, I have taken life in a whole new level. Im starting to realize that life is just so fucking hard. I mean, of course i know that ever since, but fuck, I dont want to live a normal life. I want to do so many things. I want to do my best to get what I want. I dont why I feel like this right now, but… I really want to do great thinges in life. I know i just keep repeating myself here but whatever haha. I cant express myself enough. Fuck this makapagtagalog nga. Hahaha. Ayin nga kase diba? haha. Ayokong makontento lang sa associate degree or something. ACtually i have thought of entering community college, kase nga naman 2 yeas lang may work ka na. Pero nagisip talaga ko neto noon.e. Last week ata. Ang tagal ko sa shower, nagisip ako ng mabuti anah? Gusto ko talagang may marating sa buhay e. My teachers .naman never naglacked na iremind sa amin na magandang magcollege and everything ngayon ko lang napapahalagahan yung education talaga. Iba na kasi talaga yung panahon ngayon e. Ibang iba na. Ang hirap nga makipagsabayan e… Haha nega na naman? no no no hahaha.

Shet basta yun. I will definitely miss Mr. Orland. Haha si mr orland talaga? Wala lang. Haay ang dami kong natutunan dun. Inspiration? Hahaha maybe? grabe.din yung experience nun in life grabe. Super random.nitong post ko. Naiipon na kasi kahat ng thoughts ko e. Tinatamad naman akong magpost. Lol. Basta grabe ang.dami ko pa gusto.ipost kaso dito nalang.muna. Sakit na sa kamay ng phone kahit touch screen!.haha ewan kbye!!

Fuck you all

Anonymous asked: you're a filipino but you live in guam? :)

Yes, why? :)